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Lalitha lost 23 lbs with LiveLight*

"I love the positive comments from family, friends and fellow gym rats who have noticed the change in appearance. I also like fitting into a medium size comfortably and I like the way I look. There's no question that I feel happier and successful! " 

– Lalitha S

*Individual results may vary.

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Video Testimonial
Video Testimonial
Video Testimonial

"Not only did the program help me lose weight, it helped me re-evaluate what it means to be healthy."

– Molly, LiveLight Member

"The LiveLight weight loss program allowed me to accomplish what I couldn't do on my own."

– Mark, LiveLight Member

"I have been very successful over the past several months on this weight loss program, with its physician monitoring and weekly feedback. Once the weight starts to come off, and you see results … it's fabulous."

– Stephanie, LiveLight Member

"What I like about LiveLight is its simplicity, focus, and follow-up. And most especially, the results!"

– Peggy, LiveLight Member

Jane lost 50 lbs with LiveLight*


"The program has hugely impacted my life. Having lost 50 pounds, I can walk and move faster and more easily without getting out of breath. I've gotten rid of clothes that were too big and been able to buy clothes in non-plus sizes for the first time in ages. I feel younger and more energetic. And I feel I've developed tools and habits that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life." 

– Jane H.

*Individual results may vary.

"The LiveLight weight loss program was a wild success for me. Before joining LiveLight, I made numerous half-hearted attempts to lose weight over the past 5 years or so and failed. LiveLight has a number of reinforcing elements which, when combined, really work for me.

I can’t point to which element was the most crucial for me, so I have to say it was the sum total of the program that really did the trick. I have kept the 25 pounds off for almost an entire year and am pretty convinced that I have made the changes necessary to keep it off for good. I am extremely happy about meeting my goals and all the benefits that come from being at a healthy weight."

– Carol, LiveLight Member

"For the duration that I was on the program it was very helpful and a true success; the results were outstanding and I lost a lot of weight. The LiveLight program is simple, easy to follow, and the instructions are clear and well defined. It is as easy as 1-2-3, unlike other programs I tried in the past that did not work.

1) As you stated, it takes commitment.
2) Exercise daily, eat as per provided food handout list.
3) Take the shake and medication as instructed.

The result was, I watched the scale move lower every day!!! Thank you for your continued help and excellent program."

– Nabil, LiveLight Member

"The LiveLight revolutionary weight loss regimen is the best I have tried (and there have been many!) because it is so simple, supportive, safe, and effective. Dr. Rabin has been my primary care physician for over a decade and as a result I trust him completely. His weight loss program reflects his characteristic thoughtfulness, practicality, brilliance, and sound evidence-based medical research, enabling me to lose almost 15 extra pounds for the first time in years.

Dr. Rabin created a simple, effective program with my goals and challenges in mind and has been with me every step of the way since I began. He has been virtually present every day either in person or via my personalized support network, and accessible at pivotal "tough" times via phone, email, or in person. It feels like a true partnership–one that is flexible and forgiving, but also one that holds me accountable and has truly enabled me to "get my life back."

Under the guidance of Dr. Rabin, in less than six months I went from feeling heavy and disheartened to light and hopeful– I just signed up for my first Ironman competition, a life long dream of mine. I could not have done this without his support and guidance!"

– Heidi, LiveLight Member

"I am really proud that I have lost 42 pounds on the LiveLight weight loss program. Although I have lost weight on other programs in the past, there are several reasons that I think I will keep it off this time.

It is extremely motivational to have to check in with a physician every day online and record current weight, items eaten off the plan, and how much exercise done. Otherwise, it would be too easy just to let things slide and not really stick to the regimen. I felt that there was commitment on the doctor's part because I was getting weekly feedback and personal tips.

It was also nice to get support and encouragement from my family and friends after they would get updates on my progress from the physician. The program is easy to follow and realistic because of the "normal" food for lunch and dinner.

My big challenge now is to keep the weight off, and I plan to do that by checking in at least once a week so I don't backslide into old habits. I like the "new smaller me," and I hope it is a positive model for my family and others that may want to lose weight with a healthy program. THANK YOU to Dr. Rabin and his staff."

– Patricia, LiveLight Member

Rebecca lost 20 lbs with LiveLight*

"Losing weight and making a lifestyle change isn’t easy but when you have someone to guide you and support you, it makes all the difference. Here I am now, 20 pounds lighter, with a healthy lifestyle. Being thinner has not only made me feel good about my body for the first time in my life, it has improved my quality of life." 

- Rebecca Z.

*Individual results may vary.

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