How It Works

How LiveLight Works

Learn how you'll lose weight and live healthier with LiveLight.

Weight Loss Phase

You begin your LiveLight journey by meeting (via videoconference, or in-person if you live near Palo Alto) with a LiveLight physician and health expert. Together we develop a personalized weight loss plan, and then we monitor your daily nutrition, exercise, and weight using our mobile app.

Each week we help you refine your approach to nutrition and exercise, and give you innovative mental tools so you can create healthy habits.

Every 2 weeks, we mail you a new set of medication tailored to your progress. (The medication is optional and many LiveLight members have been successful without it.)

Maintenance Phase

Once you have reached your target weight, we gradually transition you to a long-term nutrition plan and taper you off the medication.

We also continue to fine-tune your nutrition and exercise, and share wellness and mind concepts that enable you to maintain your highest level of health.

Only $180 Monthly

While the average member goes through the program in 6-9 months, your unique experience will determine how long you spend in each phase.

You commit to only one month at a time.  Your monthly subscription includes daily use of the mobile app, weekly physician coaching, and the custom-formulated prescription delivered to you.

We also offer protein shakes as meal substitutes for $2.95 per meal.

Support for Life

We are committed to your long-term weight loss.  When you finish the program, we will monitor your weight and health, and provide ongoing coaching and education, for only $15/month.

And if you maintain a healthy weight for one year, we'll credit you back half your monthly fees. That's how much we want you to succeed.

Are You Ready to Live Healthy?

Become a LiveLight member and be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.