How it Works

How LiveLight Works

Learn how you'll lose weight and live healthier with LiveLight.

Weight Loss Phase

Your program starts with an initial meeting with a LiveLight physician. We develop a personalized weight loss plan for you, then monitor your nutrition, exercise, and weight daily, using our exclusive mobile technology.

Every week we coach you on your diet and exercise level, and educate you on the science of building healthy habits.

For members receiving weight loss medication, we mail you a new set of medicine, based on your specific progress, every 2 weeks.

Maintenance Phase

Once you have reached your target weight, we gradually transition you from a weight loss diet to a long-term diet.

We also decrease and eventually eliminate your weight loss medication. And of course, we continue helping you develop the life skills that enable you to maintain a healthy weight.

Only $175 Monthly

While the average member goes through the program in 6-9 months, your unique experience will determine how long you spend in each phase.

You commit to only one month at a time.  Your monthly subscription includes daily use of the mobile app, weekly physician coaching, and the custom-formulated prescription delivered to you.

We also offer protein shakes as meal substitutes for $2.95 per meal.

With You For Life

Long-Term Maintenance

We are committed to the long-term health of our members.  After you finish the program, we can continue to monitor your weight and health, and provide a monthly status report, for only $15/mo.

Members who keep the weight off for 2 years have a high likelihood of maintaining their healthy weight for a lifetime.  We reward these members with a $50 gift card.

Are You Ready to Live Healthy?

Become a LiveLight member and be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.