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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About the LiveLight Program

    • How long does the program last?
      Members hoping to lose 10-25 pounds will typically achieve that goal in a 3 month weight loss phase and then complete a 2 month maintenance phase. Members hoping to lose more than 25 pounds can expect to lose 8 pounds per month in the weight loss phase as they move toward their goal.
    • Can I fit this into my busy schedule?
      Most doctor supervised weight loss programs require time consuming weekly appointments that are not practical with a member’s busy schedule. After an initial visit, LiveLight uses daily and weekly communication through an app, email, and/or phone. This allows members to maintain daily accountability and focus their time on improving their health.
    • What happens after I achieve my weight loss goal?
      We're committed to helping our clients maintain their new, healthy lifestyles. Once you've met your target weight, you can continue to access the LiveLight app, and receive monthly health reviews from the doctor, for just $15/month. If you maintain your weight loss for 12 months, we'll credit back 50% of that cost.
  • Monthly Subscription and Other Costs

    • How does the cost of LiveLight compare with other doctor supervised weight loss programs?
      Doctor supervised programs usually cost $400 monthly, while LiveLight costs $175 monthly.
    • What’s in the monthly subscription?
      This includes the initial meeting with a physician and health counselor, daily communication using our mobile app, weekly coaching and education by email or phone, and the medicine delivered to your door every two weeks.
    • Are there any other costs?
      In the weight loss phase of the program members consume 2 shakes per day, consumed for breakfast and lunch along with unlimited vegetables. These shakes are designed by a physician and flavored by an artisan pastry chef. Most people spend $5 per meal. A shake is a little less than $3 and can be combined with $2 of vegetables, thereby making a meal substitute.
  • Personalized Medicine and Diet Plan

    • What does “personalized medicine” mean for the LiveLight program?
      Personalized medicine is about understanding each person’s health as a dynamic process and providing medicine or advice tailored for that individual. LiveLight members spend a minute each day sharing their weight, hunger and diet through an app. LiveLight physicians use this information to adjust dosages bimonthly, to achieve steady weight loss. The average LiveLight member loses 23 pounds in 3 months using less than a quarter of the dose of an FDA approved medicine. This is a unique way that LiveLight helps you achieve your weight loss goal in the safest way possible.
    • What’s the nutrition of the diet?
      The focus of the diet is on protein, fiber, and hydration. Initially the protein will come from shakes flavored by an artisan pastry chef and lean protein such as chicken or fish, along with unlimited vegetables.
    • How is my diet plan created?
      LiveLight gives each member a range of tools and ideas for achieving their highest level of health. We help each individual take those ideas and create a flexible, personalized long-term diet plan.