The Egg White Separator

The humble egg white is responsible for most of the protein you enjoy from eating eggs. And did you know that egg white from one medium-sized egg is only about 18-20 calories? The yolk yields almost three times as much!

While liquid are now conveniently available from popular stories, nothing beats harvesting fresh yourself!

Go yolk-free worry-free with the nifty egg white separator. These cute, sieve-like usually cost less than $5.00 and are easily available online and from the kitchen tools aisle of many supermarkets and dollar stores.

Egg Separator

To use, position the egg white separator over a bowl or mug. Some brands, like Good Cook’s, will include a clip or groove to latch on to the rim of your bowl. Next, crack an egg over the egg white separator so that the sieve catches the yolk. The egg whites will slip through the vents on the side of the sieve and into the bowl. Tap the separator very gently against the bowl to coax all of the egg white through, then, discard the yolk.

Beat or whisk the egg whites lightly to scramble or make an egg white . Season with salt and pepper or add herbs, chopped onions, bell peppers or other vegetables to improve flavor.

Ready to try?

Cilantro and Tomato Egg White Omelet

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