About LiveLight

LiveLight is a weight loss program designed by leading Stanford and Harvard-trained physicians to provide breakthrough solutions that improve health and prevent chronic disease.

Our vision is to build a new, proactive healthcare that identifies, develops, and teaches people the skills needed to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

At LiveLight, we reconnect people with the knowledge that they are the power that creates a strong healthy body.

We want you to walk in a world where you feel the energy, clarity, and balance that comes with being your best self.

We believe that when one person changes their health, they change the possibilities for everyone around them.

Meet LiveLight's Founders


Bradford Rabin M.D.

Dr. Rabin is a physician of internal medicine and emergency medicine who received his B.A. and M.D. from Stanford University.

Through his clinical work with thousands of patients as an emergency doctor and solo practice internist, Dr. Rabin identified excess weight as the most important modifiable risk factor in preventing various chronic diseases such as stroke and cancer.

This led to his collaboration with a group of Harvard-trained physicians and health care innovators to develop LiveLight.


Hiroyu Hatano M.D.

Dr. Hatano completed her undergraduate training in psychology and her medical residency at Harvard.

As a professor at UCSF, Dr. Hatano conducts research on chronic inflammation and integrates community resources to improve the health of individuals.

Her recognition of excess weight as a major cause of inflammation–related diseases such as cancer, led to her interest in creating a communality-based, weight loss program.

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