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Introducing LiveLight

An ultra-convenient medical weight loss program

that's half the cost of other doctor-supervised programs.


People love LiveLight because it's...


Save time with a single office visit, followed by quick daily check-ins via our mobile app.

Other programs require weekly trips and meetings. We're built for the busy professional.


You'll receive easy-to-follow guidance that's practical, and that works. For life.

No calories counting, point totalling, or special meal ordering required.


Our unique formula of nutrition, exercise, coaching, and personalized medicine delivers lasting results.

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Real Results for Real People

Rebecca lost 20 lbs with LiveLight*

"Losing weight and making a lifestyle change isn’t easy but when you have someone to guide you and support you, it makes all the difference. Here I am now, 20 pounds lighter, with a healthy lifestyle. Being thinner has not only made me feel good about my body for the first time in my life, it has improved my quality of life." 

- Rebecca Z.

*Individual results may vary.

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The LiveLight Difference

Here's what makes LiveLight different from other medical weight loss programs:

Program Details


Other Programs

Hours spent at the doctor's office (over 3 month period)

Transparent, up-front pricing

Price (per month)

Proprietary, personalized use of medication

Free initial consultation











Program Details

Hours spent at the doctor's office (over 3 month period)

LiveLight: 1 | Other Programs: 12+

Transparent, up-front pricing

LiveLight: Yes | Other Programs: No

Price (per month)

LiveLight: $175 | Other Programs: $400+

Proprietary, personalized application of prescription medication

LiveLight: Yes | Other Programs: No

Free initial consultation

LiveLight: Yes | Other Programs: No

Why LiveLight Works

Science of Healthy Habits

We use the science of behavioral change to teach you healthy, long-term habits for an improved quality of life.

Mobile Health Convenience

Our program replaces time-consuming weekly appointments with daily monitoring and weekly MD coaching using our mobile app, email and phone.

 Personalized Medicine

We focus on safety by giving you just the amount of medicine you need. An optional prescription is adjusted based on your daily changes in hunger and weight.

Commitment to Long Term Health

We teach you a sustainable healthy lifestyle and offer monthly monitoring after you finish our program!

Are You Ready to Live Healthy?

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